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Credit File

March 26th, 2010 27 Comments
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A person’s credit file is the identity essential to the banks and lenders when assessing a home loan application for approval. You may not know it, but each time you miss paying a bill, or default on a loan it gets listed in your credit file  which the banks have access to.
For those who are currently in a good credit standing, if you continue to pay your bills, taxes, loans, utilities, on time then you should be in the good graces of banks and lenders. There are times however when it becomes impossible to keep track of every bill or every payment. There are just too many to take note of. This means there may be instances when you do not realise it, but you may already be in bad credit and you aren’t aware of it.
Fortunately enough there are ways to ensure that you know when you are in bad credit or to find out what your credit history is like. There are companies such as Veda Advantage who can check your credit file for you and send you a statement for your records. Hence, before you even apply for a loan, you should ask for your credit file so you are aware of any defaults you may have made.
For more information on your credit file, and how it affects your capability to get a loan, it would be best to consult the experts on home loans. They can help you get in contact with the companies that can provide you with your credit file. This way there will be no surprises, and you can be sure that your loan application is approved without any credit issues.

Accurately Determine Your Credit Score

March 26th, 2010 29 Comments
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Avoidance of risk is one of the main goals of banks and lenders in order to make a profit, without losses.  Every business would likewise want to avoid risk and get the safest and fastest return on investment.  A central product of banks and lenders of course are loans.  They loan out money to the public to earn interest.  Due to the fact that the banks would like to avoid risk at all cost, they have a system that calculates the potential risk when lending money either to individuals or corporations. For individuals the most important overall factor is the credit score. The credit score is an individual’s link to the possibility of a loan. With a good credit score there is a higher chance of the banks granting an approval for your loan, whereas if you have a bad credit score your chances of a loan application being granted will decrease.
So how exactly do banks and lenders determine your credit score? It is common for an individual to assume that by simply paying off their bills, taxes and other debts on time that they will have a good credit file. However, the banks see it differently. There are a lot of different criteria and factors to determine whether you have a good or bad credit score. This criteria varies depending on the bank or lender. They have different ways of determining whether you are in good or bad credit. They consider factors such as the period you have been living at your current address, how long you’ve been in your job for, if you have any children or not, the number of late or missed payments you’ve made in the last 6 months and so on.
In order to accurately determine your credit score, it would be best to consult the experts on home loans. With their expertise they know what the banks are looking for intending to grant a loan to borrowers. This expertise has led them to create a free credit score calculator in order to help you determine whether your credit score is good enough to get your loan application approved.

Loans while in Bad Credit

March 24th, 2010 21 Comments
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Bad days and good days are common in life. This also applies to the income we earn and the unpredictability of certain circumstances such as our health, natural disasters, death, and other events beyond our control.  Due to this fact, there are times when we are in good credit, and have a good credit score, and in other instances we have to cope with bad credit.  Once in bad credit loans become scarce, and hardly are offered.  Your bad credit rating has made most banks and lenders avoid you like the plague.  This is normal as banks and lenders are hesitant to take unecessary and uncalculated risks.  Dealing with a person already with a bad credit rating is a clear and obvious risk, and simply dealing with you would already be a mistake in their eyes.

Fortunately, there are other lenders who see your plight as an opportunity to make some income, and at the same time help you get a loan even when in bad credit.  Due to the risk involved they may charge you higher interest rates, but this is understandable as the risks in dealing with people with bad credit are substantially higher.  The problem is there are only a handful of these non conforming lenders, and they may be hard to find.

To enable you and help you get a home loan while on bad credit it would be best to consult the experts in home loans.  They can lead you and help you find an appropriate lender who is sympathetic and understands your situation.  They can show you the proper steps to be taken to get a bad credit home loan.

Compute Your Credit Score and Get a Loan Now

March 3rd, 2010 24 Comments
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One of the most essential and important information to a bank or lender would be your credit score.  The credit score is important because it is made the basis for most of your loan transactions with any bank or lender.  Depending on your credit score, it is either you will have access to a good loan if your score is pleasing to the banks and on the other hand your loan may be disapproved , or  you might have to turn to a non-conforming lender and pay an extremely high interest rate because of a very low credit score.

Thus, if you want to get a good and reasonable loan, you should try to get a good score.  However,  the problem is that there are times when you don’t know what information is used in your credit score in the first place.  The most basic items that would come to mind are how well you pay off all your loans, how well you pay off your bills, whether or not you pay your credit card bills.

Assuming that you do fairly well in paying those items just enumerated?  Do you immediately get a good credit score.  Not necessarily.  There are a lot of other items that banks and lenders look into.  Some of these other items are the amount of savings, are you self-employed, are you a regular or casual employee, do you have other jobs, and the list goes on and on.  With so many factors to consider it can be difficult to determine your credit score on your own.  You may be factoring in certain items that should not be included, and are often not considered by banks in the first place.  You may also be leaving out vital information that banks look for that could improve your credit score.

Fortunately there is a team of experts who can provide you with vital information on loans and your credit score.  With a free credit score test that they have provided you can get a good idea of what your credit score is, and try to improve on that score before any actual loan applications are filed.  With their experience in the loan industry they have a clearer and better idea as to what banks tend to look for and consider in any loan that they would like to grant.

Bad Credit Loan Secrets Most Lenders Don’t Want You to Know

June 22nd, 2009 13 Comments
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When it comes to bad credit and home loans, you’ll think of all of the negative things you have heard. All of these messages come from major lenders, most mortgage brokers and the media, and unfortunately, a lot of what is being said is untrue. Put simply, everything about bad credit loans that you have heard is negative, and the reality is, there are positives in the world of bad credit loans. The lenders and most brokers just don’t reveal it, because they don’t want to be patting the back of a competitor. Since I’ve just opened a can of worms, your next question will be: What are the secrets?

Bad Credit Loan Secrets Revealed!

The mother of all bad credit loan secrets, from which many other secrets come from is quite simple: if you have bad credit, home loans that are affordable are out of the question. From this stems the belief that home ownership is impossible for anybody with bad credit, and if you’re bankrupt, there’s no chance at all. According to the big lenders and majority of mortgage brokers, if you have any of the following on your credit file, you have bad credit and are beyond help:

  • Personal bankruptcies;
  • Arrears on mortgages;
  • Repossessed houses;
  • Writs;
  • Judgements; and
  • Defaults.

I can say with almost full certainty that you too have believed this for quite some time. If you have bad credit, maybe it has even resulted in you avoiding the prospect of home ownership. Perhaps you have been caught in the rental trap for years, because you’re drowning in debt? Even if this is the case, something can be done. The banks don’t want to know you, but there are companies that do, the competitors of the major lenders and banks, the non-conforming lenders. Bad credit mortgage specialists focus on securing bad credit home loans for people with financial difficulties. They can do the same for you too. Only thing is you’ll never hear the banks telling you that. They want you to believe that home ownership and loans are out of the question for you, so you won’t approach them and waste their time. They consider bad credit clients to be too difficult. Put simply, if you have bad credit, you’re too much work. More effort is required to find a competitive home loan if you have bad credit, so the banks and majority of mortgage brokers will tell you to go away. They won’t tell you to come to non-conforming lenders and brokers though, because in a sense, they are competing with them.

Now you know the secrets the majority of lenders and most mortgage brokers are keeping from you, you can turn to a broker, with non-conforming lender on their panel, that can turn your dreams of home ownership and financial stability into a reality.