Bad Credit Loan Secrets Most Lenders Don’t Want You to Know

June 22nd, 2009 13 Comments
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When it comes to bad credit and home loans, you’ll think of all of the negative things you have heard. All of these messages come from major lenders, most mortgage brokers and the media, and unfortunately, a lot of what is being said is untrue. Put simply, everything about bad credit loans that you have heard is negative, and the reality is, there are positives in the world of bad credit loans. The lenders and most brokers just don’t reveal it, because they don’t want to be patting the back of a competitor. Since I’ve just opened a can of worms, your next question will be: What are the secrets?

Bad Credit Loan Secrets Revealed!

The mother of all bad credit loan secrets, from which many other secrets come from is quite simple: if you have bad credit, home loans that are affordable are out of the question. From this stems the belief that home ownership is impossible for anybody with bad credit, and if you’re bankrupt, there’s no chance at all. According to the big lenders and majority of mortgage brokers, if you have any of the following on your credit file, you have bad credit and are beyond help:

  • Personal bankruptcies;
  • Arrears on mortgages;
  • Repossessed houses;
  • Writs;
  • Judgements; and
  • Defaults.

I can say with almost full certainty that you too have believed this for quite some time. If you have bad credit, maybe it has even resulted in you avoiding the prospect of home ownership. Perhaps you have been caught in the rental trap for years, because you’re drowning in debt? Even if this is the case, something can be done. The banks don’t want to know you, but there are companies that do, the competitors of the major lenders and banks, the non-conforming lenders. Bad credit mortgage specialists focus on securing bad credit home loans for people with financial difficulties. They can do the same for you too. Only thing is you’ll never hear the banks telling you that. They want you to believe that home ownership and loans are out of the question for you, so you won’t approach them and waste their time. They consider bad credit clients to be too difficult. Put simply, if you have bad credit, you’re too much work. More effort is required to find a competitive home loan if you have bad credit, so the banks and majority of mortgage brokers will tell you to go away. They won’t tell you to come to non-conforming lenders and brokers though, because in a sense, they are competing with them.

Now you know the secrets the majority of lenders and most mortgage brokers are keeping from you, you can turn to a broker, with non-conforming lender on their panel, that can turn your dreams of home ownership and financial stability into a reality.


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