Purchase Australian Property with FIRB Approval

April 15th, 2010 18 Comments
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There are a lot of instances when purchasing property in Australia has its benefits.  This is true whether you are a foreigner or an Australian citizen.  Investing in property and real estate and Australia is often low risk as value of property is constantly on the rise.

However certain steps must be taken before a loan can be made.  First and foremost Foreign Investment Regulatory Board (FIRB) approval is often necessary unless you fall under the exceptions.  There are several exceptions.

First and foremost an Australian citizen living approval does not need FIRB approval.  Where your spouse is Australian, and you are purchasing a house to live in as joint tenants you likewise need not ask for FIRB approval.  Residents of New Zealand are likewise exempt, and if you hold a permanent resident visa you need not seek any approval.

Temporary residents on the other hand are exempt when purchasing single blocks of vacant land, or new dwellings.  Purchasing a second hand dwelling to live in is also exempt, or even purchasing new dwelling as long as they are pre approved to be sold to foreign citizens.

If you fall within these exemptions, that is one less process to worry about.

Whether or not you need FIRB approval is one thing, while another item for those trying to get a loan is how much of a loan they can get.  Australian citizens living abroad can generally get up to 95% LVR with LMI.  This is the same maximum for those with foreign spouses either working abroad or working in Australia.  Temporary residents working in Australia on the other hand can get up to 85% LVR, while foreign nationals who live and work abroad can get up to 80% of the total property value.

Investing and buying real estate is a genuine opportunity to make a wise investment.  As long as all the requirements such as FIRB approval and the necessary documents are submitted, it shouldn’t be hard at all for a foreigner to get a loan to purchase the property they would like in Australia.


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