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Renovate with Equity Loans

March 26th, 2010 24 Comments
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For those who have fully paid their home loan mortgage, you would think there is not much more to worry about, and you are all set for the future.  However, this is often not the case.  Homes, like people, age, and need a bit of fixing here and there from time to time.  The problem is we often do not save for these regular or major repairs that should be expected as the property is used on a daily basis.  What happens is we end up with a house that is indeed fully paid, but is badly in need of repairs and restoration.

Thankfully, the common scenario is that as homes age, the property value goes up.  Just like good wine, properties that are situated in good neighborhoods and good areas value tend to go up.  Now when the property value goes up then you should be qualified for an equity loan.  The property to be used as equity will be your current home, and the basis will be your homes current value.  Hence, with an equity loan you can make the renovations and repairs needed to keep your home feeling fresh and new.

Remember that an equity loan can likewise be used in other ways.  With the money that you get from an equity loan you can purchase another property, and this could be for investment purposes.  Hence, in addition to making possible renovations easier on the pocket, equity loans can open the door to savvy businessmen who can earn more income through the use of an equity loan.

The problem is not many banks and lenders are willing to grant an equity loan.  There are some out there who are willing to take the risk just to give you a chance to fix up your house.  For more information on how to get an equity loan, its advantages and disadvantages, it would be best to consult the experts on loans.  With their help, it will be much easier to decide whether or not an equity loan is right for you, and whether or not the timing of the sale is good or not.