No Deposit Home Loans for Everyone

April 21st, 2010 76 Comments
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Homes are usually the most expensive asset a person has, and prices of homes in Australia are going up constantly.  This makes it virtually impossible and very difficult to make the 5% to 10% deposit usually required by banks and lenders before loans can be granted.

Thankfully a number of banks and lenders offer no deposit home loans which can have you get loan approval even without a deposit.  Keep in mind that you would still need to have savings of at least six months of salary, these are called genuine savings loans.  Generally, without genuine savings such loans are not possible, unless you get a guarantor to support you in order to get a 100% loan without needing a deposit.

This means that home loans of this type can help a lot of prospective borrowers realize their dreams of buying their own home much faster as they would no longer require deposits.  The deposit requirements are often the reason that people are unable to make a loan, or are delayed in making their loan since it takes forever to save up for the deposit in the first place.

Several banks and lenders offer no deposit home loans at different rates.  This means it would be reasonable to first scout around for a good rate of interest.  Do not get the no deposit home loan from just anyone out there. The home loan experts who have access to several banks and lenders with different loan products can help a lot here.  They can show you loan products that have low interest rates and can help you with more choices and great access to no deposit loans.


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