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Loans for those with Unusual Jobs

March 24th, 2010 No Comments
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Each and every person has a right to earn income.  This is part of the basic right to survive and to earn your keep.  However, because of the diversity of skills and talents that people have, some cannot work or work better outside the common workplace.  Sometimes their jobs entail special skills that often are not clearly documented.  This means that they may be earning a fairly large amount of money, but they have no shred of proof of these earnings.

Due to the fact that they cannot provide any documentation whatsoever, these people often get a bad deal or have a hard time finding a bank or lender who is willing to grant their home loan.  The sad thing about this is that they may be earning much more than the regular employee, yet they have no access to loans.  They may have an unusual jobs, but they should have a right to a roof above their head too.

Fortunately there are a handful of banks and lenders who are willing to take a risk and lend these people money in order to enable them to buy their dream homes.  They deserve as much as they work hard for their money.  The only drawback is that because of the lack of the common documents to assess the risk that banks usually take, it is to be expected that they will charge interest rates that are a bit higher than usual. Of course the banks and lenders cannot be blamed as they have a right to protect their own interests as well.

For those employed who work unusual jobs, it would be best to consult the home loan experts with respect to possible loans.  They can direct you to the particular lenders who are willing to grant loans despite the fact that your source of income and job is different from most.

Self-employment and Home Loans

March 3rd, 2010 No Comments
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In these highly uncertain times, the best way to go maybe is to venture out on your own and be self-employed.  Either you simply offer your services and skills to others on your own terms, or set up a business where you are the boss. The main advantage is that you make your own time, decide on your own pace, dictate and decide on what to work on, and generally if business is good, make more profits.

With respect to home loans and self-employment, you likewise get a mixed bag of benefits.  For those who have just started out their own business, and has no proof of income, often there is no choice but to simply get a low doc loan.  These are loans which require minimal documentary requirements, but generally have higher interest rate.  Because of the numerous documents banks and lenders often require of businesses to reduce their risk, there is usually no way for newly formed businesses to provide the necessary information in order for them to qualify for the other loan types which generally have lower interest.

However, just because you have started a new business and are self-employed does not mean that you have to wait.  Low doc loans may have higher interest rates, but with the number of low doc loans out there on offer, with the right information and documents, you may be able to get a low doc loan that is value for money.  This is because not all banks and lenders think alike.  Your business may be new but if your field of business is one that is booming and the demand easily outstrips the supply, then you may get a good deal on your loan even if you are new.

Talk to the experts and they can provide you with sound advice on what loan should be right for you.  Where you have an established business already, then you could do away with the low doc loans, and get a regular loan by providing the necessary documentation.  Where your business has good consistent profits, and a good track record this should not be a problem at all.  Just bear in mind that with the number of home loan products out there, it should not be very difficult to find yourself a loan that is right for you and your business and meets your budgetary requirements.

Home Loans for those with Second Jobs

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Times are difficult and money is not that easy to come by.  Hence, it is not uncommon to find people working two or even three jobs to make ends meet, or to have more to spend on daily necessities.  However, this does not immediately mean that banks and lenders will recognize your second income when you apply for a home loan.

This may seem unfair, but oftentimes banks and lenders would really like to minimize risks, and see these second jobs as an unreliable source of income.  Because of this fact, they simply disregard all your hard work and effort, and fail to recognize any of the extra income that you gain from your second job.

But thankfully, not all banks and lenders think this way.  There are banks and lenders out there who are willing to recognize your income from your second job.  This means that you are eligible for a higher loan amount, since your income to service the loan is now significantly larger.

The problem often faced by borrowers is how to find these banks and lenders willing to recognize your additional income.  Generally the usual way is to make a call to the bank or lender and ask them if they will recognize your second income.  Then they will ask for some documents and papers to evaluate your situation.  Imagine doing this for each and every bank.

An easier option would be to consult the experts on loans.  They can guide and assist you in finding the bank or lender who is readily willing to accept and recognize all the hard work you put into your second job.  This will save you time, money, and effort in finding the right lender.  With their help it is very probable that your second job loan can be granted.